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Models created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts

Modellismo ferroviario


GMmodelli: An answer to every need 


Our models are obtained through high resolution 3D printing particularly faithful to the originals, airbrush painted, finished and assembled by hand.

We take care of every aspect of the process; From 3D design to model boxing.


Model processing and painting

We carry out processing and painting of models on request.

From the simplest modifications, to the most invasive ones that may require custom-made parts.
The paintings are carried out with professional airbrushes for model making, coupled with customized decal creations.


3D design on request

We provide a complete 3D design service from the early stages of drafting a project according to customer requests.

The entire 3D product modeling process is driven by CAD software packages to provide a realistic and accurate visualization of your project.

We develop  turnkey projects from the client's idea to the finished model.


Motorization of static models

We motorise static models or re-motorise models with dated mechanics.

We carry out an overhaul service for mechanics and running and non-working models.
Let's go back to reviving your locomotives!!


3D printing service on request

We provide 3D model printing and optimization services.

Our goal is to offer you a high level of service with cutting-edge machinery. 
We personally take care of the production, for this reason your files will be protected and will not be sent to just any supplier, we will take care of them!


Supply and customization service via laser engraving of wooden boxes of catalog dimensions.
We are also able to customize the boxes directly supplied and by the customer.


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